photo by stephanie godfrey

photo by stephanie godfrey

Coos, Babble, & Talk

Coos, Babble, and Talk workshops and classes teach parents how to communicate with their little ones by introducing language comprehension and expression through play, while also offering the opportunity for caregivers to ask questions and try hands-on techniques that will get their children talking. As the child enters 3-6 months of age, language and communication skills taught through play are essential for their overall cognitive development and important to nurture daily through songs, toys, talking, and basic baby sign language. This in turn will help prevent speech and language delays by the time they enter preschool and elementary school. Practicing these simple techniques goes a long way in our little one's speech and language development!

Your baby discovers language through YOU – first through coos, then babbling, and eventually (through play and lots of modeling) will begin to TALK. Coos, Babble, and Talk offers you everyday techniques on how to model age appropriate language, have fun with babbling, take turns 'talking,' and how to 'wait' for language. Through this class, parents will learn a variety of important ways to enhance speech and language development. We will be learning about how to introduce front, middle, and back sounds to our little ones, teach our little ones how to coordinate movement with their tongue, lips, and jaw, teach appropriate prosody in a fun way, and help increase our little one's vocabulary in order to become good verbal communicators in the future.


About Nahal A. Papehn

Founder, Nahal A. Papehn MA, SLP-CCC is a licensed speech-language pathologist with specific training in pediatric speech and language therapy, early intervention, and parent education. She enjoys working with infants and toddlers and their families in their natural environments such as in their homes and/or preschool, and has also provided therapy in a private practice setting for children ages three and older. She collaborates closely with occupational therapists, child development specialists, psychologists, physicians, and physical therapists to provide the most effective speech and language therapy for the child. She especially takes interest in teaching caregivers and parents how to communicate with their little ones through a variety of creative and strategic play activities. Nahal recently had a little one of her own. She and her ten month old son currently enjoy singing, babbling, and getting messy together.